Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...


So Bleach...  *sighs*  I started Bleach with the Manga and the first 15 or so volumes were fantastic, but I kind of lost interest, because one, the stress I just can't take it, then the waiting and waiting and waiting, and so forth.  So when I'd heard it was coming to an end and that the anime had basically finished I picked it up again.  I'd known there was a lot of filler that was mostly useless so, I decided to research and skip the filler.  And boy I was happy I did, it was very helpful to keep the story fresh in my mind without 30 or so filler episodes per breaks in the arcs.  
As to the collection of art from Bleach, many people will tell you I will generally latch on to one or two characters that spark my interest.  So the two that got to me the most was sparked by the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya, so that is where I focused!  I also might have a thing for resting bitch face...  it can be said that Byakuya has very few expressions, but there are minute tells... if you squint and maybe turn your head sideways.    ^_^;;  I also love Ichigo with the longer shaggier hair from the fight with Aizen, I would love to pick up a few from that scene as well as he looks bad a**.   However please enoy what I have added to date, it will probably hold here for a while before I go looking for more ^_^;;