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Con Fan Art Commissions

So three years ago I bought my very first house, and I had a very specific idea about decorating my house.  I  wanted to plaster my walls with anime art.  I can't use the original art that I collect, because FL sun is not the best thing for delicate production art and even the sketches/original art I collect.  So I bought a ton of Fan Art from Artist Alleys at cons all over the country, and framed some professionally some using repurposed frames from Thrift Stores.  

So far one room has been plastered with Anime I still have a ton of prints still to frame and put up all over the house, however I'm still going to Cons and I am still tempted by art...  So to mitigate the print buying... I now get 1-2 commissions done every Con, that way I am adding to my decorating and I am able to add a souvenir I don't have to stick in my closet and keep in the dark and cool place ^_^;;
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