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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (美男高校地球防衛部Love! - Binan Kōkō Chikyū Bōei-bu LOVE!, lit. Beautiful Man Highschool Earth Defense Club Love!) is a 2015 television magical boy anime series created by Kurari Umatani and produced by Diomedéa.  The series is directed by Shinji Takamatsu and written by Michiko Yokote.

I first learned about this series through a set of comparison GIFs of the Battle Lover's Henshins vs. the Sailor Senshi Henshins from Sailor Moon.  Let me tell you they are eerily close, and I was like I NEED to find this series.  As an avid Fujoshi and HUGE Sailor Moon fan, when I found it, I watched the entire series in a day or two, at the time I was recovering from a broken kneecap, and could not get around.  At a time when I was in a hell of a lot of pain, and on some super strength pain killers this show was the jam.  It has a everything a Magical Girl/Boy parody needs, Henshins (seriously ALL THE HENSHINS!), ridiculous sayings, SARCASM..., Magical Animals/Pets, Shonen-ai implications, INAPPROPRIATE BLUSHING, Battle Lovers shortens to BL...  Just saying...  I could go on...  Just saying if you have yet to watch this magical piece of anime history, go do so NOW!

Below is the very few original sketches I was able to get from this show off of YJ in late 2015, there were a set of OP Genga that were released in a small run of Genga.  But since I bought these in 2015 I have yet to see more original art hit the market, except for maybe some copy settei and storyboards on Mandarake.