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Cardcaptor Sakura: Episode 66 - The Person Sakura Likes the Most
The Person Sakura Likes the Most
Sakura no ichiban suki na hito
Air Date:  February 22, 2000
Animation Director:  Abe Hisashi
When I first started to collect CCS, I started with a very narrow scope. Toya and Yukito, and then I started buying pieces... And then I started taking screen shots of wishlist items that I wanted to acquire. And surprise, surprise when I took screenshots of this episode there were an equal amount of Sakura cels I wanted... It is because of this episode that I have broadened my collection to include beautiful Sakura cels.
This episode deals with the aftermath of Toya giving up his power to Yukito. It's an interesting twist because Toya is now tired, and Yukito is constantly worried, it is only touched upon briefly, but the short conversation they have in the projector room is lovely.
However the penultimate scene in this episode is when Sakura tells Yukito that she loves him, in a starlit gymnasium. This episode heavily mirrors how the scene is drawn in the manga. I hope to add some scans of the manga that mirror some of my cels, but I have not yet gotten around to it.
The animation is absolutely gorgeous, the Animation Director, Abe Hisashi who went on to be the Chief Animation Director for: Card Captor Sakura the Movie 2: The Sealed Card, Chobits, and Devil May Cry (among others); did a fantastic job here, he had done some Episode Animation Direction before, but had not yet broken into the Chief Animation Director role before I would argue that amazing attention to detail on this episode is what scored him his first gig for the CCS Movie 2.
I have spent a lot of time and money acquiring pieces from this episode, and my goal is to be able to tell the whole story through a combination of sketches, paint, layouts, and one day the storyboard if I can find it. I have only seen a few hit the market and most recently let one go on YJ because my budget priced me out. I have learned though when it comes to this episode patience, and a near encyclopedic memory help ^_^ - Jadeduo