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Friends, Acquaintances, and Some Fine Artwork 

Cutiebunny's Coven

Probably the best Sailor Moon Episode 45 and 46 collection on the web, and also a great friends we've been collecting together since 2002.
We first started chatting in 2015, and found a lot in common, we can blame Cutiebunny entirely for the influx of original art and autographs to my collection.  As that is her focus, she also loves, Yaoi, CCS and SM, how could I not love her!
I met KT4 in 2013 at Otakon at Asylum Anime's table by the CCS books.  ^_^;;  She has a great SxS collection, although I tease her by saying it's chibi...  Well in comparison... ^_^;;

Luna-Art's Sailor Moon Cel Gallery

Luna Illuminata

Luna-Art has been around for a long time now, I would say since at least the late 90's.  She is not as active as she used to be, but she has one of the largest Sailor Moon collections in the US, most of which are very high quality.
Not to be confused with Luna-Art, Lunacels, newly returned to the scene, is a fierce competitor for nice SM art, we've but heads a few times on YJ her collection is worth a look if you are into Sailor Moon.
Sensei actually started with the heavy collecting around the same time as me, he is one of the reasons I spend so much time on my gallery and am so gung-ho about educating people about cels.  ^_^

Cartooned In

TARAkatsuki Cels

TARAkatsuki is a new friend she is also from FL, and she collects mostly Inuyasha...  Which is prolly good if there were two Tara's collecting the same thing the world might explode ^_^;;
Earl is a new friend, who bust onto the scene in the last two years, his focus is mostly American Animation art, especially Don Bluth Movies ^_^  Anyone who knows me, knows I adore The Land Before Time.