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Full of Love the Animation Direction of Nakayama Yumi

I have been addicted to Yun Kouga's Loveless for many many years now, however, new chapters are VERY slow in coming and in between she seems to abandon the project in fits and starts.  I first started Collecting Loveless the anime about 2 years ago.  I was addicted to the lovely line work, the stunning corrections, and just the overall care and quality that went into the series. 

So as I was collecting more and more sets from the series I was noticing a lot of Green Full and Partial Corrections with the characters for Animation Director basically stamped at the top.  The art all looked very similar and when you look at them against each other you can clearly see that they are from the pencil of the same artist.  There are a few of the final Gengas I could prolly credit to her as well, as they look very close to the correction work.  All of these pieces were drawn on light green paper, the coloring is off on a few because it has taken me some tome to get used to scanning colored sketch paper to show the sketch in it's best light (and I have yet to go back and fix this issue).

After some research, looking at the animation Directors for each episode and still a little confuzzled because no animation director worked on EVERY episode.  Then it hit me, what about the Chief Animation Director she would have worked concievably on every episode, so why not?  It was further confirmed for me, when I was picking up sketch sets to give away at convention panels.  I picked up a set from the main character of Nabari no Ou, of which whom Nakayama Yumi was the Chief Animation Director...  The art was very much in the same style of her Loveless Corrections...  The bold dark lines around the nose, the squiggly filled in shadows lines, the use of multiple colored pencils, especially Green, Blue, and Peach which seem to be favorites of hers, as well as the occasional Red and Purple... 

Nakayama-sensei has been in the industry since the mid 80's , has a few character design credits to her name as well as animation and episode direction, and a laundry list of key animation credits, a short list of anime she has worked on, Yami no Matsui, Ai Yori Yoshi, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, The Prince of Tennis, and Junjou Romantica.

I will have more to add to this page as I continue to add to my Loveless collection, but for now please enjoy this work and labour of love.