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Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing was one of the first animes I ever got into independent of my sister, we both watched Sailor Moon and DBZ, but Gundam Wing was mine alone. One of my very favorite Gundam Series, although I am sure it would behoove me to watch some more. I was drawn to the intricate plot, beautifully choreagraphed fight scenes, and the very nice animation. The female lead annoyed me immensely and she still does, however, I fell in love with the taciturn Heero and the clown Duo. Both obivously more than you see on the surface, which is why I adore them in the first place!!! ^_^
The Animation direction was done mostly by three main animation directors one of which went on to be the Chief Animation Director for Gundam Seed. There was no Chief Animation director for GW which is VERY interesting because the consistency between episodes is bar none! I haven't really gotten enough art together to make any kind of breakdown as to how Sunrise was working in the 90s, but I think GW is a series I will always come back to and maybe one day will add more art. However, in the meantime enjoy what I have! Thanks! - JD